About us


JOBMAN LTD was formed as a result of a merger with Job Service in 2017. We have a wealth of knowledge about organizing and managing companies across different industries, which allowed us to learn how to recognize, analyse and solve their problems.
In response to the current market demands, or rather in order to meet them, we focused our offer on the issues of broadly understood HR consultancy.

Our main task is to support businesses in improving their efficiency.
We are looking forward to working with you!

We invite you to cooperate

Our company employs senior specialists in the fields of sales, IT, transportation, construction, but also welders, construction fitters, construction equipment operators, steel fixers, carpenters, pavers, electricians, installers, printers, staff managers and sales representatives, telemarketers, construction workers, warehouse workers, drivers, production workers, cleaners. For the staff, we have prepared language courses and (if necessary) vocational training.

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